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Piotr Borucki, Bartosz Gajek
Poland 2016 / 8’

The second edition of the 48 Hour Film Project Wrocław took place in June 2016. In only 48 hours, the film crews taking part in the competition had to write a screenplay, which was then used as the basis for shooting and editing a short, 4-7 minute, film. Each production had to contain the city of Wrocław. Each crew made its film according to the conventions of a randomly selected genre. The resulting short films were judged by a jury made up of Artur Barciś, Ewa Skibińska, Katarzyna Gondek, Piotr Czerkawski. The project was implemented by the Foundation for Film Space as part of the film program during Wrocław’s year as European Capital of Culture in 2016.

During the group therapy someone new appears. He has lost the meaning of life and all his hope. Nothing enjoys him anymore, nothing tastes him. His life has just faded. No one needs him any more, since people don’t suffer and die.