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Film Opera: Lost Highway

Natalia Korczakowska
Opera filmowa: Zagubiona autostrada
Poland 2016 / 100’

As part of the grand opening of the upcoming edition of the Festival, and as part of the Wrocław European Capital of Culture 2016 program, you will have a chance to see the Polish prepremiere of the opera Lost Highway,featuring a libretto by Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek and one of the world's leading contemporary composers, Olgi Neuwirth, who, in an original way, set David Lynch's cult film to music. Electronic conversions of the roles of the soloists, the orchestra, and six virtuoso soloists (guitar, saxophone, keyboard, clarinet, trombone, and accordion) play a key role in the performance. The electronic sound will be transmitted through a network of dozens of speakers located on stage in such a way that they surround the audience and shift among them. The characters in Lost Highway move seamlessly back and forth among regular speech, singing, and unusual vocal techniques, thus taking the audience on a psychedelic journey into the depths of the human psyche.

The show's director, Natalia Korczakowska, chose as the setting for Lost Highway a recently opened space at the National Music Forum in Wroclaw, a choice that was far from obvious in this context. The opera theater will therefore be released from backstage, and the entirety of the performance jives well with our Festival's multimedia and experimental nature. It will be an experiment on par with works shown in years past such as the video performances by Matthew Barney (Cremaster) and Peter Greenaway (The Tulse Luper Suitcases). Thanks to live video projections, we will have a chance to delve behind the scenes at the concert hall and into the details of the action happening on stage.

One of the protagonists of David Lynch's Lost Highway is the film itself. Someone leaves a video cassette at the home of Fred and Rene Madison that contains a recording of them sleeping. Two detectives try to unravel the mystery. In response to their question about whether he owns a camera, Fred responds that he does not because he prefers to remember things the way he wants to remember them, and not necessarily the way they really were. In Lost Highway,the subconscious and the evil hidden therein are represented by technology and primarily by the film industry.

Lost Highway

based on a screenplay by David Lynch and Barry Gifford

Libretto Elfriede

Jelinek, Olga Neuwirth

Music Olga Neuwirth

Conducted by Marzena Diakun

Directed by Natalia Korczakowska

Production design Anna Met

Costumes Marek Adamski

Choreography Tomasz Wygoda

Video Marek Kozakiewicz

Lighting design Jacqueline Sobiszewski

Sound engineer Piotr Paper

Co-organizer, co-producer Fundacja Szabłowska Studio (Prezes: Małgorzata Szabłowska, kierownik projektu: Dominik Gniewek, koordynator produkcji: Olga Sobkowicz, promocja/współpraca z mediami: Julia Wiśniewska, współpraca: Katarzyna Szybińska)

Co-produced by the National Forum of Music, New Horizons Association, Teatr Polski in Wroclaw

Stage manager Hanna Marsz

Drone production Interdrone

Drone cameraman Bartosz Szydłowski

Drone pilot Igor Czernik

Technical coordinator Michał Występek Sound engineer Piotr Papier

Lighting Zbigniew Bodzek

Assistant to DOP Adam Lipiński

Video editing Wojciech Janas

Assistant to the conductor Mieczysław Unger Assistant to the director Jan Topolski Assistant to costume designer Justyna Białowąs

Makeup Sanaa Studio

Cast Holger Falk (Fred / Pete), Barbara King Majewska (Alice / Renee), David Moss (Mr. Eddie), Piotr Łykowski (Mystery Man), Michał Sławecki (Andy), Dariusz Bronowicki (Al / Detective Lou / Doctor) Rafal Kronenberger (Prison Warden / Arnie), Dariusz Maj (Father Pete), Andrzej Olejnik (guard / Detective Ed / Detective Hank)



Władysław Kosendiak - saxophone

Rafal Łuc - accordion

Paweł Maliczowski - trombone

Michał Siciński - clarinet

Justyna Skoczek - keyboards

Leszek Zaleski - electric guitar

Radosław Pujanek (concertmaster),

Tomasz Bolsewicz - violin

Aleksandra Urbańska - viola

Sylwia Matuszyńska, Anna Kulak - cello

Paweł Jabłczyński - double bass

Radek Bond Bednarz - bass guitar

Małgorzata Świętoń, Seweryn Zapłatyński - flute Renata Raczyło, Gustaw Bachorz - clarinet Wictoria Ulatowska - oboe

Józef Czichy - bassoon

Mateusz Feliński - French horn

Justyna Maliczowska, Paweł Tuliński - trumpet Jan Szymajda - trombone

Piotr Kosiński - tuba

Michal Jedynak, Bartosz Sałdan - percussion

Natalia Korczakowska

Natalia Korczakowska debuted in 2005 with the play Pensjonat Madryt [Madrid Pension] produced by the Czarne publisher at Warsaw's M25. But her path to theater also passed through music, as she graduated from music school, wrote lyrics for acts such as Muzykoterapia and Emade, produced the Smycz musical with Bartek Porczyk and was assistant to René Pollesch in his production of Raggazzo dell'Europa. Korczakowska directed her best-known plays at TR Warszawa (War Zone written byM. Bajer, Solaris. Report), Teatr Dramatyczny in Wałbrzych (Nelly an adaptation of Dostoyevsky's novel Humiliated and InsultedDynasty), Wrocław's Teatr Współczesny (the Passenger by Zofia Posmysz), Jelenia Góra's Teatr Norwid (The Death of the SquirrelManby Małgorzata Sikorskia-Miszczuk, Elektra. Anatomy Lesson in an adaption of Euripides), Szczecin's Teatr Współczesny (Pelican or a Farewell to Meat based onthe writings of Strindberg, Gdansk's Teatr Wybrzeże (The Spring to Come), Warsaw's Teatr Narodowy (Verklärte Nacht by M. Bajer, Nathan the Wise by G.E Lessing), as well as at the Polish National Opera (Halka with Marek Minkowski and Jakob Lenz by W. Rihm). Her accolades include an award for Solaris. Report at the XIII Interpretations Polish Festival of Directorial Art, as well as for her adaptation of Żeromski's The Spring to Come at the 1st edition of the Living Classics [Klasyka Żywa] competition.

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Cast & Crew

director Natalia Korczakowska
screenplay Elfriede Jelinek (libretto) based on David Lynch's screenplay
music Olga Neuwirth
producer Małgorzata Szabłowska
language Polish
colouration colour