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Jump Into the Void

Daniel Calparsoro
Salto al vacío
Spain 1995 / 82’

This is a typical nihilistic 1990s film; in terms of the story-a tale about young people taking part in a paramilitary group-, as well as the soundtrack, the anxious camera work, and the tight framing. With Jump into the Void, thecinema world discovered a fresh new face in the form of a remarkable Spanish actress named Najwa Nimri. Her partner at the time, Daniel Calparsoro, the film's director, screenwriter, and producer, surprised critics with the self-assured confidence of his work, his physical style of direction, and his love of dark, deserted places. The film was shot at landfills and in abandoned factories, certainly suitable locations for the film's main themes of hopelessness, violence, and drug addiction. Calparsoro made his debut as a director who was full of anger, and the message of the film seems to be universal, like the fear experienced by anyone who has stood at the edge of an abyss.

Andoni Iturbe Tolosa

Daniel Calparsoro

After his debut, Jump Into the Void, Daniel Calparsoro's anxious, often explosive form of direction began to garner increasing attention. He made three films over the course of three years, all impulsive and angry. In time, Calparsoro found refuge in television and established himself as a skillful director of thrillers. Today, no one doubts his directorial abilities. He knows how to work with top screenwriters, as evidenced by his latest film, Cien años de perdón, a testament to his creative maturity.

Selected filmography

1995 Skok w przepaść / Salto al vacío / Jump Into the Void

1997 Na oślep / A ciegas / Blinded

2000 Asfalto

2012 Invasor / Invader

2014 Cien años de perdón

Cast & Crew

director Daniel Calparsoro
screenplay Daniel Calparsoro
cinematography Kiko de la Rica
editing Pite Piñas
cast Najwa Nimri, Roberto Shalu, Alfredo Villa, Ion Gabella, Karra Elejalde, Maribi Bilbao, Carla Calparsoro
producer Enrique Fernández Ayuso, Daniel Calparsoro
production Yumping Films Productions
sales Blues Films
language Spanish
colouration colour