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Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children

Alberto Vásquez, Pedro Rivero
Psiconautas, los niños olvidados
Spain 2015 / 75’

In a distant land beyond the seventh river, on an island surrounded by a black poisonous sea, live a handful of people, the only survivors of an ecological disaster that destroyed all life in the area. In the shadow of heavy, toxic clouds, amid mounting landfills, wrecks, and dried-out trees, they lead a sad existence, breathing poisonous air. Two teenagers, Birdman and Dinky, want to escape from the island, but they have to deal with their own demons first. Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children is a grim, psychedelic tale about an attempt to escape from a sick, dying land. The gentle, minimalistic aesthetics and anthropomorphic figures contrast with the harsh and ruthless world and bitter story in which mice kill each other in a desperate struggle for the remnants of food, guinea pigs trade in drugs, and birds complete their first flight in the dirt with a bullet in the heart

Grzegorz Kurek

Alberto Vásquez

Born in 1980, Alberto Vásquez is an animator, illustrator, and comic-book creator. His award-winning books and comics have been published in Italy, Brazil, France, and South Korea, among other places. In 2011, together with Pedro Rivero, he made a short animated film called Birdboy, which was based on one of his own comics. He developed this into his feature-length debut in 2015, Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children.


2011 Birdboy (anim., short, co-dir.)

2013 Sangre de uniconio / Unicorn’s Blood (anim., short)

2015 Psychonauci, zapomniane dzieci / Psiconautas, lol niños olvidados / Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children (anim, co-dir.)

Pedro Rivero

Born in 1969, Pedro Rivero is a producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, and comic-book writer. He has written the screenplays for several animated television series. In 2007, he made La Crisis Carnivora, the first Spanish feature-length flash animation to be shown in cinemas.


2007 La Crisis Carnivora (anim)

2011 Birdboy (anim, short, co-dir)

2015 Psychonauci, zapomniane dzieci / Psiconautas, lol niños olvidados / Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children (anim, co-dir.)

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Cast & Crew

director Alberto Vásquez, Pedro Rivero
screenplay Alberto Vázquez, Pedro Rivero
cinematography Khris Cembre
editing Iván Miñambres
music Aránzazu Calleja
producer Carlos Juárez, Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, Pedro Rivero
production Basque Film
sales Basque Film
language Spanish
colouration colour