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Anna Biller
USA 2007 / 120’

The year is 1972 and Barbi Smith is young, naive, and curious about the world. Her life basically involves waiting around for her overworked husband at their home on the outskirts of Los Angeles. When his work duties start taking up more and more of his time, Barbi heads into the city in search of (free) love and finds herself in the very heart of the sexual revolution: at nudist gatherings and orgies for swingers. The unfortunate adventures of a bored housewife experimenting with drugs and sex are shown in the style of sexploitation, where on-screen nudity is meant to be a warning against moral decline. Viva is a nostalgic time capsule in which soft-core erotica of the early 1970s is frozen, with its manneristic games, artificial dialogue, and conventional storylines. Anna Biller, a versatile director, not only plays the leading role, but, with fetishistic fervor, she also made all the costumes and props, having spent years scouring flea markets in search of stylish polyester creations, op-art patterns, and streamlined hair dryers. The result is incredible!

Ewa Szabłowska

Anna Biller

She is a visual artist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. In her films, she deconstructs the models of femininity developed by genre cinema in Hollywood and Europe, while also playing with the Italian giallo or soft porn from the 1960. She designs her own sets and buys the vintage costumes for her retro-stylized movies. Viva and The Love Witch are her only two full-length feature films.

Selected filmography

1994 Trzy wersje mnie jako królowej / Three Examples of Myself as Queen (short)

2001 A Visit From the Incubus (short)

2001 Hipnotyzer / The Hypnotist (short)

2007 Viva

2016 Czarownica miłości / The Love Witch

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Cast & Crew

director Anna Biller
screenplay Anna Biller
cinematography C. Thomas Lewis
editing Anna Biller
music Anna Biller
cast Anna Biller, Jared Sanford, Bridget Brno, Chad England, Marcus DeAnda
producer Anna Biller
sales Anna Biller
language English
colouration colour