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A Crackup at the Race Riots

Leo Gabin
Belgium 2015 / 60’

American Horror Story told with the help of snippets of film ferreted out from the fringes of YouTube. The confessions and advice of bloggers, "funny videos" recorded on mobile phones, scenes from parties, dance shows by young performers dreaming of shares, mile upon mile of unified suburbs-the Florida depicted in these scenes from everyday life in the 21st century has little in common with the American dream in the shadow of Disneyworld and luxury retirement homes. This film by three Belgian artists using the name Leo Gabin is a loose screen adaptation of Harmony Korine's novel, A Crack Up at the Race Riots, which the enfant terrible of independent cinema and the maker of Spring Breakers wrote at the age of 25. The result is psychedelic found footage that can be regarded as a quasi-documentary version of Korine's Trash Humpers. The trio replaced the stream of consciousness of the literary original with streaming images, a processed, freely edited compilation of bizarre, mundane scenes, modulated voices, and stories told through a speech generator that create a panorama of contemporary cyber-life. This cinematic pandemonium is simultaneously fascinating and disturbing in a way that is reminiscent of Polish youtuber Smile Guide.

Mariusz Mikliński

Leo Gabin

Leo Gabin is a Belgian art collective established in 2010, consisting of Lieven Deconinck, Gaëtan Berger, and Robin De Vooght. The trio create abstract paintings, prints, video art, and sculptures, and they process online content-videos found on blogs and YouTube, viral content, photos showing scenes of sex and violence. In 2010, the Belgians met American director Harmony Korine, with whom they collaborated on the making of Spring Breakers.

Selected filmography

2015 A Crackup at the Race Riots

2016 Exit/Entry

Cast & Crew

director Leo Gabin
screenplay Leo Gabin, based on Harmony Korine's novel
editing Leo Gabin
producer Leo Gabin
production Leo Gabin
sales Leo Gabin
language English
colouration colour