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Daniel Hoesl
Austria 2016 / 84’

Investors are going shopping. No one can resist these impeccably dressed apostles of cyber-capitalism and their good news about maximizing profits. They hypnotize their victims-business owners, politicians, journalists, trade unions-with their corporate mantra and its chorus of phrases like "conquering world markets" and "sustainable development." As is befitting of the saviors of the global market, they also perform miracles-taking over companies for 1 euro, gracefully corrupting ministers, and leaving members of supervisory boards homeless. But they are not doing this for the money, of course, but rather for the welfare of society as a whole. WinWin is a provocative political satire, a cinematic denunciation of the world of finance, where words no longer have any connection with reality. The filmmakers insert meaningless sentences straight out of a financial-jargon generator (partly inspired by statements made by real managers) into the sterile, claustrophobic interior of office buildings. Austrian director Daniel Hoesl is the Bertolt Brecht of the techno generation. Like the author of St. Joan of the Stockyards, he cultivates an artistic diversion, reflecting the mechanisms of modern corporate capitalism in a funhouse mirror.

Mariusz Mikliński

Daniel Hoesl

Born in 1982, Daniel Hoesl is an Austrian film director. He studied Multimedia Art in Salzburg and Direction at the well-known FAMU in Prague. He has worked as an assistant to such directors as Ulrich Seidl and Michael Glawogger. He founded the production collective A European Film Conspiracy. His feature debut, Soldier Jane, won the top prize at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2013. He likes to swim.


2005 Lecture in Unity (short)

2005 Lektion in Tango (short)

2008 The Truth (short)

2013 Soldatte Jeannette

2016 WiNWiN  

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Cast & Crew

director Daniel Hoesl
screenplay Daniel Hoesl
cinematography Gerald Kerkletz
editing Natalie Schwager
cast Christoph Dostal, Stephanie Cumming, Nahoko Fort-Nishigami, Jeff Ricketts, Aurelia Burckhardt
producer Gerald Kerkletz, Julia Niemann, Katharina Posch
production A European Film Conspiracy
sales A European Film Conspiracy
language German, English, Italian
colouration colour