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Mommy, I’m Scared

Reha Erdem
Korkuyorum Anne
Turkey 2004 / 128’

When Ali wakes up following an automobile accident, he cannot remember anything. He has to relearn how the world around him works, and, above all, he has to find his place in the labyrinth of social dependence in the building where he lives. And that is not easy, as family is mixed up with neighbors and friends, and everyone loves to talk loudly and a lot. Although Reha Erdem made a wild comedy of errors that is full of gags and memorable, catchy dialogue, the subject of his film is completely serious, and the joyous, sweet moments on screen are fraught with bitterness. Erdem examines contemporary Turkish society and, along with his characters, tries to determine the place and role of men, who do not entirely belong to the still patriarchal social framework. Erdem’s observations go beyond geographic borders, becoming a reflection – enclosed in a light, perhaps even naive, madly rushing form – on the eternal question, Who is man?

Anna Tatarska


Istanbul IFF 2004 - FIPRESCI Prize; Nuremberg FF Turkey-Germany 2005 - Best Actor (Ali Düsenkalkar); Antalya Golden Orange FF 2005 - Golden Orange for Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Screenplay and Special Jury Award; Ankara IFF 2005 - Best Actor, Director, Supporting Actor and Actress, Screenplay and Most Promising Actor

Reha Erdem

Reha Erdem was born in 1960 in Istanbul, where he studied History, followed by Film Studies in Paris. Since making his debut in 1988, he has made only a few films, which has not prevented him from becoming recognized as one of the most prominent contemporary Turkish directors. Most of his films have already been screened at New Horizons: Times and Winds during the 7th edition, My Only Sunshine two years later, and Oh, Moon!, A Run for Money, and Kosmos, during the New Turkish Cinema section at the 10th edition.

Selected filmography

1988 Och, księżyc / A ay / Oh, Moon!

1999 Ile za ile / Kaç para kaç / A Run for Money

2006 Czasy i wichry / Bes vakit / Times and Winds

2008 Życie Hayat / Hayat var / My Only Sunshine

2010 Kosmos

Cast & Crew

director Reha Erdem
screenplay Reha Erdem, Nilufer Gungörmüs
cinematography Florent Herry
editing Nathalie LeGuay
cast Turgay Aydin, Arzu Bazman, Ali Düsenkalkar, Köksal Engür, Senay Gürler, Aydogan Oflu
producer Ömer Atay
production Atlantik Film, Imaj
language Turkish
colouration colour