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Dracula 3D

Dario Argento
Italy, France, Spain 2012 / 110’

In an era of modern pop-culture vampires, horror master Dario Argento returns to the father of all bloodsuckers, Dracula. More than just a desire to make a nuanced version of the classic tale, the filmmakers’ creativity manifests itself in their invention of numerous incarnations of the legendary count. Thanks to the magic of Italian-style CGI, Dracula is equally successful at killing with his fangs as his legs, when he takes the form of a giant grasshopper, or with a stinger, as a swarm of angry bees. Filmed in 3D, Dracula 3D is an esthetically curious romance with computer animation and a pathos-laden, dialogue-filled tribute to classical horror films, complete with impressive necklines, streams of fake blood, and black lace. It is the fortuitous result of a mixture of the Dracula character according to Warhol and the Hammer studio, garnished with garlic and axle spikes, but devoid of any self-mockery. While artificially staged, the acting is serious (as Dracula, Thomas Kretschmann professes at least as if he were reprising the role of Captain Wilm Hosenfeld from The Pianist), thus creating a curious but delightful effect of uber-kitsch – it is so bad, it is good.

Anna Tatarska

Dario Argento

Born in 1940 in Rome, Dario Argento is an Italian master of the macabre, a maestro of Giallo cinema, and a producer who promotes talented filmmakers, as well as a prolific screenwriter (for spaghetti westerns, for example). Before he began directing, he worked with Sergio Leone and Mario Bava, among others. Argento’s films deal with the metaphysics of evil, often exploring the subjects of magic, alchemy, and the co-existence of the material and immaterial worlds. His unique poetics and ability to build tension to create an unsettling and mysterious atmosphere have had a major impact on the current form of horror films. He comes from a family of filmmakers, a tradition that is being continued by his daughter, Asia.

Selected filmography

1970 Ptak o kryształowym upierzeniu / L’Uccello dalle piume di Cristillo / The Bird with the Glass Feathers

1975 Głęboka czerwień / Profondo rosso / Deep Red

1977 Niepokój / Suspiria / Anxiety

2004 Krawy Gracz / Il Cartaio / The Card Player

2007 Matka łez / La Terza madre / Mother of Tears

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Cast & Crew

director Dario Argento
screenplay Dario Argento, Antonio Tentori, Stefano Piani, Enrique Cerezo
cinematography Luciano Tovoli
editing Marshall Harvey, Daniele Campelli
music Claudio Simonetti
cast Thomas Kretschmann, Asia Argento, Marta Gastini, Rutger Hauer, Unax Ugalde, Miriam Giovanelli, Mariacristina Heller, Giovanni Franzoni, Augusto Zucchi, Francesco Rossini, Giuseppe Lo Console, Christian Burruano, Franco Ravera, Riccardo Cicogna
producer Roberto Di Girolamo, Gianni Paolucci, Enrique Cerezo
production Multimedia Films Production, Enrique Cerezo, Les Films de l’Astre
sales FilmExport Group
language English
colouration colour