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Free Fall

György Pálfi
South Korea, Hungary, France 2014 / 80’

György Pálfi once again gives audiences a lesson in surrealist imagination. Though short, Free Fall is bursting with ideas as it portrays a tormented pensioner who decides to end her life alongside a taciturn newspaper reader from a supermarket. Instead of taking her shopping cart to the store, she drags it up onto her roof in order to jump off in it. As it turns out, this Hungarian master of the grotesque is merciless: not only does she survive, but she also drops in on her neighbors. Hiding behind the doors of the apartments that she passes on her way to her little domestic hell are other life stories from this Budapest apartment building. Just like in the memorable Taxidermia,Pálfi proves that he can walk a stylistic tightrope, adeptly juggling various genres with the conventions of satirical science fiction along with a psychological family drama involving three people and a cow. All seven episodes – one for each floor that the immortal pensioner has to climb up – combine absurd humor, social criticism, and the music of Amon Tobin.

Mariusz Mikliński


Karlovy Vary IFF 2014 - Special Jury Prize, Best Director Award

György Pálfi

György Pálfi is one of the most interesting contemporary Hungarian directors. In 2002, his debut feature Hukkle was recognized by the European Film Academy as the discovery of the year. Two years later, the screenplay for Taxidermia, his second film, won a KNF award for the best European project, as recognized by the Sundance Institute. In 2012 in Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen, he made successful use of found-footage techniques in editing together a love story exclusively from scenes from other films.

Selected filmography

2002 Czkawka / Hukkle / Hiccup

2006 Taxidermia / Taxidermy

2009 Nie jestem twoim przyjacielem / Nem vagyok a barátod / I Am Not Your Friend

2012 Panie, panowie: ostatnie cięcie / Final Cut: Hölgyeim és Uraim / Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

2014 Swobodne opadanie / Szabadesés / Free Fall

Cast & Crew

director György Pálfi
screenplay György Pálfi, Zsófia Ruttkay
cinematography Gergely Pohárnok
editing Réka Lemhényi
music Amon Tobin
cast Piroska Molnár, Miklós Benedek, Tamás Jordán, Diána Kiss
producer Ferenc Pusztai
production JIFF Project - Jeonju Digital Project, KMH Film, Origo Film Group, Sciapode, VisionTeam, Popfilm
language Hungarian
colouration colour