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Norte, the End of History

Lav Diaz
Norte, hangganan ng kasaysayan
Philippines 2013 / 250’

Norte, the End of History is a mystical journey through crime and punishment. Lav Diaz, a director well-known to viewers of last year’s New Horizons Festival, again takes on the role of a patient observer, watching others who are confronted with drastic and ground-breaking events. In a modest history written about a few protagonists hides a metaphor for the fate of the Philippines – a country ‘skewered’ by war, violence, instability and drama from generation to generation. Cruel crimes, a disrupted sense of justice, evil within reach, guilt that cannot be washed away. All of this touches the protagonists, unhappily intertwining with blind fate. A fate that pushes people into the wrong place at the wrong time, embroiling them in a spiral of tragic events.

Urszula Lipińska

Lav Diaz

Director, screenwriter, producer, artistic director and cinematographer Lavrente Indico Diaz was born in the city of Datu Paglas in the southern Philippines, in 1958. He studied film at the Mowelfund Film Institute. In addition to his other credits, Diaz also composes music, writes poetry and acts. He specializes in truly monumental, multiple-hour films, believing that extended takes not only provide his scenes with added depth, but also reflect the roots of his culture, in which time is not a commodity. Frequently mentioned alongside such filmmakers as Béla Tarr, Theo Angelopulos and Jonas Mekas, Diaz has been called the spiritual father of Philippine New Wave cinema and a successor to genre-founding figure Lino Brocka. His previous films, Florentina Hubaldo, CTE and Century of Birthing, was screened at 12th New Horizons.

Selected filmography

2002 Hesus, rebolusyunaryo / Hesus the Revolutionary

2007 Kagadanan sa banwaan ning mga Engkanto / Death in the Land of Encantos 

2008 Melancholia

2011 Century of Birthing / Siglo ng Pagluluwal / Century of Birthing

2012 Florentina Hubaldo, CTE

2013 Norte, honiec historii / Norte, hangganan ng kasaysayan / North, the End of History

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska

Cast & Crew

director Lav Diaz
screenplay Lav Diaz, Rody Vera
cinematography Lauro Rene Manda
editing Lav Diaz
sound Corinne de San Jose
cast Archie Alemania, Angeli Bayani, Soliman Cruz, Angelina Kanapi, Sid Lucero, Hazel Orencio, Mae Paner
producer Raymond Lee
production Wacky O Productions
sales Wacky O Productions
language Filipino
colouration colour