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Silent Ones

Ricky Rijneke
A csendesek
Netherlands, Hungary 2013 / 97’

This is a film on the border of reality and dream, reality and fantasy, life and death. Young Csilla regains consciousness following a car accident and quickly realises her younger brother is missing and wants to find him. She leaves an open, unknown space and enters a labyrinth of claustrophobic corridors and a ship sailing somewhere toward Eastern Europe. Images from the past return and Csilia becomes obsessed with a painful desire to be reunited with her brother and pursue their search for a better life. This mature debut by director Ricky Rijneke is above all an attempt to depict the protagonist’s state of mind. Contrasting images of beautiful, open landscapes filmed in all four seasons and the cramped, oppressive interiors provide a glimpse into Csilla’s very intimate world. A complex layer of sound, a combination of music, sound recording and the girl’s inner voice, adds suggestively to the atmosphere of Csilla’s confusion and helps viewers follow her dream of regaining a lost relationship and her longing for lost happiness.

Magdalena Sztorc


Lecce Festival of European Cinema 2013 – Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Performance

Ricky Rijneke

Ricky Rijneke is a director, screenwriter, editor and cinematographer. In 2005, she graduated from the University of Arts in Utrecht. Two years later she produced her first short film Wing: The Fish That Talked Back, which was nominated for the 'Leopards of Tomorrow' competition of the Locarno International Film Festival. This award winning film gained international acclaim at more then fifty international film festivals. Silent Ones is Rijneke's full-length debut, which premiered at the Rotterdam festival 2013 and was nominated for the main prize (Tiger Award). Recently this film won two awards: Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actor.


2007 Wing: The Fish That Talked Back (short)

2013 Spokojni / A csendesek / Silent Ones

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Cast & Crew

director Ricky Rijneke
screenplay Ricky Rijneke
cinematography Gergely Pohárnok, Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd
editing Ricky Rijneke, Nina Petrovna
music Andrey Dergatchev
cast Orsi Tóth, Roland Rába, Fatih Dervişoğlu
producer Dirk Rijneke, Mildred van Leeuwaarden
production Rotterdam Films
sales Wide Management
language Hungarian
colouration colour