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A Walk In the Park

Amos Poe
USA 2012 / 106’

This is a science fiction film, a psychedelic return to the womb, says the film’s main character, photographer and cinematographer, Brian Fass. In fact, this documentary stitched together from unusual elements, tells the story of his desires, experiences and biggest events. Amos Poe, an independent director with cult status among some, claims this to be his most personal project, which examines a person with whom the director at least partially identifies, giving rise to an unusually intimate film that investigates depression, ambition and dependency without a strain of disingenuity to expose a seemingly ultimate truth about the life and the work of an artist consumed with his own art.

Piotr Pluciński

Amos Poe

Amos Poe was born in Israel in 1949, and lives and works in New York. His career began as a photographer for ‘Time’ magazine reporting on the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, but soon moved on to directing films. Poe is associated with the punk subculture and the No Wave Cinema genre, which is an artistic attempt to combine the seemingly opposite interests of a generation of outsiders: punk rock, the French New Wave and B movies. He made his first films without a budget using a Super 8 camera and has ceaselessly directed independent documentaries and avant-garde feature films since the 1970s.

Selected filmography

1975 Night Lunch (co-dir., doc.)

1976 The Blank Generation (co-dir., doc.)

1978 The Foreigner

1984 Alfabetyczne miasto / Alphabet City

1995 Śmiertelny weekend / Dead Weekend (TV)

2003 Just an American Boy (doc.)

2012 Spacer w parku / A Walk in the Park (doc.)

Prepared by: Piotr Pluciński

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Cast & Crew

director Amos Poe
screenplay Amos Poe
cinematography Brian Fass, Christophe Kérébel, Patrik Andersson
editing Jett Strauss
music Hayley Moss
sound Derek Pacuk
cast Brian Fass, Adam Davids, Mark Eberle, Fred Sullivan, Charles Breiterman, Michael Laurence, Dorothy Frey
producer Nicole Nelch
production New Oz Productions
sales Amos Poe
language English
colouration colour