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A Fallible Girl

Conrad Clark
UK 2013 / 104’

The work by Conrad Clark skilfully avoids extremes and cleverly dodges the ubiquitous onslaught of films about globalisation and expat stereotypes. In A Fallible Girl the director has created a convincing portrait of a place where everyone is a stranger. In Dubai, where global nomads meet, refugees searching for a better life, Europeans employed by corporations who crave a whiff of Asia – proximity is an unfulfilled promise. Li Fei thrashes about, mired in debt, in order to save the only enterprise in which he sees hope for stabilisation – a mushroom farm. What chance for success can a business strategy written on a stick in the sand have? Perhaps failure is indispensible to finding one’s place in a world in which there are no easy returns?

Piotr Szcześniak

Conrad Clark

Born in 1979, in Great Britain. After studying film in London, he started working as an assistant cameraman. Fascinated by Chinese culture and language also as an anthropologist. His debut, Soul Carriage has brought him the award for the Best New Director at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. A Fallible Girl is his second feature-length movie.


2006 Karawan dusz / Soul Carriage

2010 A Fallible Girl (short)

2012 Omylna Dziewczyna / A Fallible Girl

Prepared by: Piotr Szcześniak

Cast & Crew

director Conrad Clark
screenplay Conrad Clark
cinematography Raquel Fernandez Nuñez
editing Paul Monaghan
music Víg Mihály, Orchestra Elastique
sound Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr
cast Sang Juan, Huang Lu, Arthur Molinier
producer Wendy Kuan, Yan Zhu, Chow Keung, Azza Aboul Magd
production Pact2 Entertainment Ltd, Xstream Pictures Limited, Soul Rebel Film
sales PAD International
language English, Mandarin, Arabic
colouration colour