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Manuela Morgaine
France 2013 / 230’

Micro versus macro, man versus the cosmos, mind versus emotions. In Manuela Morgaine’s essay, nothing stands in opposition and everything is one. All phenomena permeate each other thanks to the eponymous lightning, i.e. cosmic energy in constant motion. Morgaine divides her film into four parts for the four seasons and each references lightning in a different way. In Autumn, a storm hunter visits people who have been struck by lightning to reconstruct the event. The main theme of Winter is melancholia and treatment of depression with shock therapy. Spring is about an aphrodisiac called Kama that blooms only after lightning strikes and Summer brings together two people through a spark or atomic attraction. The entirety makes for a legend that draws on mythology, religion and literature. The director references the Canaanite god of thunder, Baal, Szymon Słupnik and Azore and Eglé – characters from Pierre de Marivaux’s comedy La Dispute. Manuela Morgaine’s Lightning is an erudite attempt to synthesize a 10 years search. It is a hypnotic trip, through which you can experience madness of cinema.

Magdalena Sztorc

Manuela Morgaine

Writer, screenwriter, theatre and film director Manuela Morgaine was born in 1962, and works and lives in Paris. She currently heads Envers Compagnie, a company that supports interdisciplinary arts.



1994 Posthums

2001 Paraïso

2003 Va

2003 Out of the blue

2007 Si une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps, laquelle? / If a Swallow Does Not Make Spring, Which Swallow?

2009 Apocalypse 2,2

2013 Błyskawica / Foudre / Lightning

Prepared by: Magdalena Sztorc

Cast & Crew

director Manuela Morgaine
screenplay Manuela Morgaine
cinematography Manuela Morgaine, Pauline Lormant, Giovanni Laniado, Hervé Labourdette, Alex Hermant
music Philippe Langlois, Emmanuel Hosseyn During
sound Colette Constantini
cast Rodolphe Burger, William de Carvalho, Michaël Jasmin, Margot Crespon, Maxime Nourrissat, Frank Smith
producer Mathieu Bompoint, Manuela Morgaine
production Mezzanine Films, Envers Compagnie
sales Mezzanine Films
language French
colouration colour