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Zofia Mikołajczak
Poland 2011 / 5’

A problem that is familiar to most of us and materializes in everything that proceeds the beginning of every undertaken task. Although each of us tries to deal with it in a different way, we all end up procrastinating. We often escape from our responsibilities into prosaic activities and situations that usually do not engage too much of our attention. Animation links this problem to the role that computers play in our lives.

Zofia Mikołajczak

Was born in 1987. Graduate of the Animation Faculty at University of Arts in Poznań. Author of animated films, advertising spots, and animations for television productions. Lives and works as graphic/motion designer in Poznań.


2011 Loading (short, anim.)

Cast & Crew

director Zofia Mikołajczak
screenplay Zofia Mikołajczak
cinematography Zofia Mikołajczak
editing Zofia Mikołajczak
sound Zofia Mikołajczak
animation Zofia Mikołajczak
visual design Zofia Mikołajczak
producer Robert Proch
production Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu
sales Krakowska Fundacja Filmowa
language no dialogues
colouration colour