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3 Days of Darkness

Khavn De La Cruz
Tatlong araw ng kadiliman
Philippines 2007 / 82’

A film full of lurid and graphic sensuality, depictions of nudity and portrayal of sexual activities, lesbian lovemaking, etc.; we fail to see any moral redeeming value,wrote the Philippine censorship office about 3 Days of Darkness, a porn-horror by one of the most provocative Philippine filmmakers (his latest film is in competition at this year’s festival). Khvan based his version of the end of days on the Apocalypse of St. John, predicting three days of darkness and the world’s submission to sin. And so, 3 Days is submerged in the sins of three women trapped in a haunted house. The coming of the Prince of Darkness releases their innermost, darkest instincts and desires. Terror, moans, ecstasy!

Khavn De La Cruz

Khavn De La Cruz (born in 1973) is a Philippine filmmaker with an unabashed desire to cross lines and explore taboos. He is the country’s (and maybe the world’s) most prolific director. Khavn’s zero-budget films are produced by his company, Filmless Films. Since 2002, he has been the director of the .MOV International Digital Film Festival; he is a composer, poet, pianist and front man of a music group consisting of other Philippine directors. He has released over 30 films, several albums and a rock opera.

Selected filmography

2004 Headless (Pugot)

2005 Ang pamilyang kumakain ng lupa / The Family That Eats Soil

2007 3 dni ciemności / Tatlong araw ng kadiliman / 3 Days of Darkness

2008 Maynila sa mga pangil ng dilim / Manilla in the Fangs of Darkness

2009 Day tingnga ti misteryo ti Kristo Negro / The Middle Mystery of Kristo Negro

2011 Pahinga / Breather

2012 Mondomanilla

Cast & Crew

director Khavn De La Cruz
screenplay Khavn De La Cruz
cinematography Albert Banzon
editing Lawrence S. Ang
music Khavn De La Cruz
cast Katya Santos, Gwen Garci, Precious Adona, Bugz Daigo
producer Khavn De La Cruz
production Filmless Films
sales Filmless Films
language Tagalog, English
colouration colour