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The Image Threads

Vipin Vijay
Chitra Sutram
India 2010 / 104’

Thematically, The Image Threads contemplates correlations between spiritual, material and virtual realities, while focusing on the peculiar nature of each. In form, the film is a torrent of images, words, stylized shots, and heavy monologues. Viewers may extract the message from this swarm of symbols and meanings or allow their senses to be hijacked by Vipin Vijay’s multicoloured vision.

The ethereal narrative explores relations between three characters: Hari, who teaches computer science, Ramani, a flirting avatar, and an adept of black magic. The director interweaves rich Hindu symbolism and references to Western philosophy. He folds the natural world into cutting-edge technology and fuses the world of ideas with material reality. Vijay sees the film as, a conscious attempt of recognizable degree, to explore the various possibilities of integrating ‘database narrative architecture’ within the linearly-unfolding-cinematic-viewing practice, by creating divergent tangents of conceptual digressions and also by decisive crafting of liminal spaces for different kinds of felt-absences (quote from www.festivalscope.com).

Vipin Vijay

Born in 1976 in the Indian state of Kerala, he studied at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Calcutta. He received a stipend from the British Council Arts Award and won the Sanskriti Award for cultural achievement in filmmaking. The Image Threads is his first feature-length film.


2004 Palace of the Winds (short)

2007 Video Game (short)

2007 Poomaram / A Flowering Tree (short)

2010 Pasma obrazu / Chitra Sutram / The Image Threads

Cast & Crew

director Vipin Vijay
screenplay Vipin Vijay
cinematography Shehnad Jalal
editing Devkamal Ganguly
cast Raghoothaman, Sandeep Chatterjee, Athira, Aadarsh Kumar, Gopalan
producer Altaf Mazid
production Unknown Film
sales Unknown Films
language Malayalam
colouration colour