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Lag Islands

Tomek Tryzna
Poland 2010 / 90’

The film is preceded with a motto by Elias Canetti, And in the jar with sweets, God and Devil hold their hands. Here, from the Oblivion Sen, full of fear and uncertainty, Maria Lefko is born. Soon, she will see a beautiful world without pain or sin, so beautiful that illustrations from Jehova’s Witnesses’ leaflets are next to nothing. The world where everything is for free and nothing has to be done; you can only play and if you work, you do to it to afford the luxury. Maria will meet Augustyn, anti-philosopher and drug addict. She will also meet the nice pimp, Pimpuś, who will arrange entry to the Gardens of Pleasures for her. She will become a popular courtesan; she will make a nest among the middle class in a villa at the seaside and everything would be just fine if she did not start noticing certain situations, certain actions, or rituals, whose sense seems to have vanished; and there are more and more of them. However, these mysteries of everyday living marvel no one any more except her. Lag Islands is the first feature film which is all made in the virtual reality Second Life, the first utopia in the history of mankind which became fact. The demons of the subconscious find a safe haven. 

based on the distributor’s materials

Tomek Tryzna

Born in 1948, writer, screenwriter and film director. Author of novels translated around world Miss Nobody, Idź kochaj, Blady Niko and cinema-mystery Syloam and photo poetry Taniec w skorupkach. His films include a documentary and feature series Kaskaderskie opowieści, medium length films Trrr - obrazki do nakręcania and Czy można się przysiąść? This time, Lag Islands is his first feature-length film. 

Selected filmography

1993 Trrr - obrazki do nakręcania

1999 Czy można się przysiąść?

2010 Lag Islands

Cast & Crew

director Tomek Tryzna
screenplay Tomek Tryzna
cinematography Tomek Tryzna, Paweł Sitkowski
editing Bartek Bartos
music Marcin Włodarczyk, Paweł Sitkowski, Mateusz Ryczek
cast Arto Midal, Tami Loopen, Mario Lefko, Pimpus Iadyl, Barbatos Azemus, Maga Godard, Mania Philly, Mah Zane, Miko Drasilova, Yoko Visage
producer Paweł Sitkowski & Bartek Bartos
production Manifiesta & Paweł Sitkowski
source of print Manifiesta
language Polish
colouration colour