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Artur Gortatowski
Poland 2009 / 16’

The 1980s, a man driving a car is blinded by the headlights of a car coming from the opposite direction, a fatal accident occurs... but that is not all. When you are given a mysterious suitcase whose content may make your dreams come true, you do not give it away easily. The film is based on a story by Thomas Otto, The

Artur Gortatowski

Born in 1982 in Warsaw. A graduate of Warsaw School of Promotion. From 2005 he works in film production.


2009 Osiem / Eight (kr.m. / short)

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Cast & Crew

director Artur Gortatowski
screenplay Anna Rzepka, Artur Gortatowski
cinematography Anna Rzepka
music Marek Walaszek
cast Jacek Fedorowicz, Teresa Owczynnikow, Modest Ruciński, Paweł Nowisz
production Wydział Radia i Telewizji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
source of print Wydział Radia i Telewizji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
language Polish
colouration colour