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Through Glass

Igor Chojna
Przez szybę
Poland 2009 / 15’

A young man comes late to the funeral of his old aunt, taking place in a small village somewhere in the Central Poland. Once there he has to refute biting attacks from some women, since as an outsider he has disrupted the sacred order of the hermetic community. When he misses his last bus, he has no other choice. He stays for the night.

Igor Chojna

He’s studying directing at National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź.

Selected filmography

2010 Seans w kinie Tatry (doc., short film)

2009 Przez szybę / Through Glass (short film)

2007 Od świtu do nocy (doc., short film)

2006 I tak ma być (short film)

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Cast & Crew

director Igor Chojna
screenplay Igor Chojna
cinematography Jakub Czerwiński
music Zespół Akurat
cast Monika Buchowiec, Kamil Bonczyk,
producer Tomasz Stefaniak, Aleksandra Stępnik
production PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
source of print PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
language Polish
colouration colour