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Rite de Passage

Adriana Świątek
Poland 2009 / 19’

Jan goes on his last journey during which time is suspended and the present mingles with the past. It appears that in order to leave, the man first has to come back to the land of his ancestors. Only they can help him to make it to the other bank. Jan has to find the way to the city that he left many years ago and once again go through the three stages of life: birth, adolescence and death. A tram connects the two worlds that measures the time of passing, a little carriage resembling a toy takes passengers who are ready for the last lap into eternity.

Adriana Świątek

Born in 1984, graduated in Journalism and Social Communication from the University of Silesia, also a student of Theatre Studies there. Creator of theatre performances and reportages.


2009 Rite de Passage (short film)

2007 Theatrum Mundi (doc)

Cast & Crew

director Adriana Świątek
screenplay Adriana Świątek, Mateusz Solecki
cinematography Mateusz Solecki
music Dead Factory – Maciej Mutfil
cast Stanisław Pędracki, Marcin Kuszej, Stefan Szulc, Aleksandra Deka
production Wydział Radia i Telewizji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
source of print Wydział Radia i Telewizji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
language Polish
colouration b&w