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An Exclusive

Krzysztof Szot
Poland 2009 / 15’

Laura, after a couple of years of relationship, suddenly walks away without a word of explanation. Szymon tries to track her down in order to understand why she had left. However, the girl does everything to not to let a confrontation happen. Finally, the fate joins their ways once again but this time is the last one.


Dolina Kreatywna TVP 2010 – Grand Prix

Krzysztof Szot

Born in 1986. Director, scriptwriter and producer. A graduate  of the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw. Founder and the Chairman of Lubelska Grupa Filmowa’s association, gathering filmmakers from south-east Poland.

Selected filmography

2009 Wyłączność / An Exclusive (short film)

2007 Między name / Between s (short film)

2008 Bal Przebierańców / The Masquerade (short film)

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Cast & Crew

director Krzysztof Szot
screenplay Krzysztof Szot
cinematography Kacper Fertacz
music Michał Lorenc
cast Lesław Żurek, Agnieszka Judycka, Witold Dębicki, Artur Pontek, Wojciech Żołądkowicz
producer Krzysztof Szot, Katarzyna Izabela Syrówka
production Lubelska Grupa Filmowa
source of print Lubelska Grupa Filmowa
language Polish
colouration colour