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Rafał Samusik
Poland 2009 / 22’

The last part of the film project “Dekalog 89+”, inspired by the commandment “…anything that belongs to him”. Anna finds herself in a terrible situation because her seventeen-year-old son is dying of leukaemia. His only chance might be Wiktor, the author of an Internet blog, who claims to have a miracle drug. The desperate woman is trying to reach him regardless of the cost and her night journey, somewhere on the border between the real and the virtual world, ends with a shocking discovery.

Rafał Samusik

Born in 1978 in Białystok. A scriptwriter and director. A graduate of  University of Silesia Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Department in Katowice.

Selected filmography

2009 Real / Real (short flim)

2006 Z miłości / Out of Love (short film)

2006 Gry wojenne / War Games (doc.)

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Cast & Crew

director Rafał Samusik
cinematography Kacper Czubak
music Tomasz Stroynowski
cast Agata Kulesza, Sławomir Grzymkowski, Sebastian Stankiewicz
producer Andrzej Mańkowski
production Instytut Promocji Edukacji
source of print Instytut Promocji Edukacji
language Polish
colouration colour