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Legs Up, Head Down

Tomasz Pedzieszczyk
Nogami w górę, głową w dół
Poland 2009 / 47’

Three stories taking place at the end of the sixties and seventies of the 20th century. Their protagonists do not know each other personally but their stories oscillate around one person – a resident of a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s, once a recognised gynaecologist.

Tomasz Pedzieszczyk

Born in 1978, studied at the Camerimage Film School in Toruń and film editing at the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Currently works for a TV station in Łódź. Writes scripts and makes his own films.

Selected filmography

2009 Nogami w górę, głową w dół / Legs Up, Head Down (short film)

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Cast & Crew

director Tomasz Pedzieszczyk
screenplay Tomasz Pedzieszczyk
cinematography Łukasz Borowski
music Tomasz Pedzieszczyk
cast Bogusława Pawelec, Maciej Więckowski, Agata Moszumańska, Mirosław Henke, Ewa Sonnenburg
producer Marta Sekulska
production Stowarzyszenie Telewizji Kablowej Ret-Sat 1
source of print Stowarzyszenie Telewizji Kablowej Ret-Sat 1
language Polish
colouration colour