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The Last Sunday

Jakub Janz, Szymon Karpierz
Ostatnia niedziela
Poland 2010 / 46’

Record of an alternative reality in which Szczecin becomes the target of a nuclear attack. The few who managed to survive hide in a shelter and try to face the macabre, post-apocalyptical life. Initially a radio drama, the story was later enriched with the visual dimension.

Jakub Janz, Szymon Karpierz

Jakub Janz Born in 1989 in Lwówek Śląski. A student of Land Management at Wrocław University Of Environmental and Life Sciences. Hi is interested in juggling and editing; he works at “indivisual” group.

Wybrana filmografia / Selected filmography:

2010 Ostatnia niedziela / The Last Sunday (kr.m. / short)

2009 Corrosion (kr.m. / short) 


Szymon Karpierz aka Zombie. An independent musician, DJ, journalist at radio. Currently he is travelling between Szczecin and Barcelona and dealing with many different musical projects.

Filmografia / Filmography:

2010 Ostatnia niedziela / The Last Sunday (kr.m. / short)

Cast & Crew

director Jakub Janz, Szymon Karpierz
screenplay Szymon Karpierz
cinematography Jakub Janz
music Szymon Karpierz
cast Sylwia Lachowska, Michał Polański, Michał Dłużak, Szymon Karpierz, Katarzyna Pasek
producer Jakub Janz, Szymon Karpierz
production Jakub Janz, Szymon Karpierz
source of print Jakub Janz
language Polish
colouration colour & b&w