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The Newbie

Tomasz Olejarczyk
Poland 2009 / 19’

Lonely, seventeen-year-old Ania (title Nowa) seeks acceptance in a group of her peers playing risky, city games. In the process, she loses faith in the values she believed in. Having nothing more to lose, she comes up with a reckless game that is to impress everybody, especially the group’s leader – Czarny. Surprising finale gives the protagonists a chance for normality. The film was inspired by the second commandment: “You shall make no wrongful use of the name of your God”.

Tomasz Olejarczyk

Born in 1974, lives in Warsaw, an actor, scriptwriter and director; a graduate of The Ludwik Solski State Theatre School (in Wrocław).

Selected filmography

2009 Nowa / The Newbie (short film)


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Cast & Crew

director Tomasz Olejarczyk
screenplay Tomasz Olejarczyk
cinematography Radosław Ładczuk
music Tomasz Stroynowski, Łukasz Olejarczyk
cast Justyna Wasilewska, Marcin Korcz, Dorota Chotecka, Sandra Staniszewska, Justyna Domaracka
producer Małgorzata Kucharczyk, Konrad Wróblewski
production Instytut Promocji Edukacji
source of print Instytut Promocji Edukacji
language Polish
colouration colour