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Angelika Jakubas
Poland 2009 / 19’

65-year old Ms Krystyna Wójcik runs umbrellas' repairing enterprise on Cracow's Podgórze from the 1 December 1987. Among hundred from shops windows, Ms Krystyna's enterprise differs with old, red trade sign umbrella shape and old, charismatic lady's attitude, who stands behind counter. Ms Krystyna repairs umbrellas and makes a new ones. A demand for such a occupation is diminishing. The world is changing. Our needs too. Records of this job can save him from being forgotten nowadays.

Angelika Jakubas

Born in 1989 in Cracow. A student of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. An author of scripts and short films. Angelika in her films tries not to copy the realisty, but to create her own worlds.


2010 Parasole / Umbrellas (doc., short film)

2007 Autoportret (doc., short film)

Cast & Crew

director Angelika Jakubas
screenplay Angelika Jakubas
cinematography Angelika Jakubas
cast Krystyna Wójcik, Marian Wójcik
producer Angelika Jakubas
production Angelika Jakubas
source of print Angelika Jakubas
language Polish
colouration b&w