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Grzegorz Krawiec
Miodowy miesiąc
Poland 2009 / 29’

After seven years, Tomek is released from prison. On the same day he gets married with his temporarily arrested and kept in the same prison fiancée Agnieszka. He tries to find his place in the new reality, tries to organise his life again, visit his mother. However, in the first place he is trying to keep in touch with his wife whose trail is still in progress.


"Łodzią po Wiśle” 2010 – Grand Prix, Audience Prize, Festival KAN 2010 – Golden KANewka

Grzegorz Krawiec

Born in 1986 in Przemyśl. He’s studying directing at National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź.


2009 Miodowy miesiąc / Honeymoon (doc., short film)

2008 Wycinanka (short flim)

2008 Kim ja dla ciebie jestem? (doc., short film)

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Cast & Crew

director Grzegorz Krawiec
screenplay Grzegorz Krawiec
cinematography Filip Drożdż
music Bogdan Klat
producer Grzegorz Krawiec
production PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
source of print PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
language Polish
colouration colour