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I Am Far Away

Tushar Prakash
Jestem daleko
Poland 2010 / 11’

This documentary is based on an Indian's perspective on the city of Lodz. Apart from trying to explain the characters of the city to my mother, it tries to display the the journey from the first impressions to a deeper acceptance of a city which might seem industrial, grey and depressive. Shot on 35mm, over a period of 7 days from various vantage points around the city at diffrent times, the film is tied together with narrations in Hindi and poetry and music in Polish. It also pays its tribute to Kieslowski's From the city of Lodz' in its own little way...

Tushar Prakash

Born in 1984 in New Delhi. Started studies at the Faculty of Film and Television Production at Rai University. Also tried his hand at film montage, music and sound. He helped in the organisation of the Sadho Film Festival (2007), the first poetic film festival in India. In 2007, he started his studies at the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź, Faculty of Directing.

Selected filmography

2010 Jestem daleko / I Am Far Away (dok., kr.m. / doc., short)

2010 The Man Who Was the Clarinet (kr.m. / short)

Cast & Crew

director Tushar Prakash
screenplay Tushar Prakash
cinematography Filip Drożdż
music Janusz „Cybull” Skwira
producer Łukasz Graczuk
production PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
source of print PWSFTviT im. L. Schillera
language Hindi
colouration colour