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Oh My God, Dear God

Julia Popławska
Oj Boże, drogi Boże
Poland 2010 / 12’

An older marriage spends days on the doorstep of their house, unhurriedly observing the nature and commenting on village events. They have spent together almost all their life in the wooden house on the verge of the forest. One day, very loud guests disturb their peace...

Julia Popławska

Filmmaker and TV journalist. She worked as a correspondent for Newsweek Polska in Denmark. She has collaborated with Canal+, Kino Polska Television, TVN and TVP. A graduate of the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing.


2010 Oj Boże, drogi Boże / Oh My God, Dear God (doc., short film)

2008 Dzieci Dalajlamy / Children of Dalai Lama (doc.)

2008 Polscy sprawiedliwi / The Polish Righteous (doc.)

Cast & Crew

director Julia Popławska
screenplay Julia Popławska
cinematography Andrzej Popławski, Grzegorz Borowski
producer Katarzyna Ślesicka
production Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy
source of print Mistrzowska Szkoła Reżyserii Filmowej Andrzeja Wajdy
language Polish
colouration colour