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The Girl From a Reading Primer

Edyta Wróblewska
Ala z elementarza
Poland 2010 / 28’

According to Marian Falski, the author of Elementarz for children, Alina Margolis-Edelman was the famous Ala from his book. The woman survived the horrors of ghetto and March ‘68. As the only Pole among the Doctors of the World, she went to places affected by civil wars, abandoned by doctors and without drugs to treat children. Was it the experience from the ghetto that made her and her husband Marek Edelman alike, help mainly those with little chance of survival? Ala tells the story of her life and these fascinating stories create the picture of our times.

Edyta Wróblewska

A graduate of the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, Warsaw School of Economics and the French Institute of Management. She also studies at the Cammerimage Film School in Toruń.


2010 Ala z elementarza / The Girl From a Reading Primer (doc., short film)

2006 Podziemny Tygodnik Mazowsze (doc., short film)

2008 PRL de Luxe (short film, doc.)