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Bartek Kulas
Poland 2010 / 7’

The inspiration and the narrative axis of this animation is Nick Cave’s psychedelic ballad The Curse of Millhaven – here, in the hypnotising interpretation of Katarzyna Groniec. It presents a macabre, at times surreal, story of a fifteen-year-old named Loretta. Dullness of the life in a provincial and grey town of Millhaven inspires the girl to a murderous dance. After all, as the protagonist herself innocently sings: “You do not know the day and the hour...”.


Kraków FF 2010 – Srebrny Lajkonik, wyróżnienie jury / Silver Hobby-Horses, Jury Mention

Bartek Kulas

Born in 1980. Director, graphic designer, photographer. Graduate of Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. He does short films, videos, and stage design. Prize winner at a considerable number of festivals: UNICA 2002 Luxemburg, Young Electronic Arts, POL-8 International Film Festival, OFF Cinema, Yach Film Festival.

Selected filmography

2010 Millhaven / Millhaven (short  film, anim.)

Cast & Crew

director Bartek Kulas
screenplay Bartek Kulas
cinematography Bartek Kulas
music Katarzyna Groniec, Nick Cave
producer Bartek Kulas
production Bartek Kulas
source of print Bartek Kulas
language Polish
colouration colour