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Ordinary People

Vladimir Perisic
Serbia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands 2008 / 78’

Joni, a 20-year-old recruit, joins a small troop stationed in the Yugoslav countryside. He comes there somewhat by accident - he just thought: why not? Only upon arrival does he learn that he was enlisted in a firing squad. At first, he resists and refuses to accept the orders, but then he gradually surrenders and adapts to the circumstances.

The mechanisms of military training and the process of an individual's subordination to principles were presented in Ordinary People with geometric precision, applying austere narration with hardly any dialogues. Vladimir Perisic does not strive to find an answer to the question of banality of evil, but he just makes a minimalist and powerfully moving image of ordinary people forcefully involved in military operations.

Agnieszka Zając

Vladimir Perisic

Born in Serbia in 1976. He graduated from the directing faculty of the Paris film school La Fémis. His graduation work Dremano Oko obtained many awards at festivals, e.g. in Brive, Brest and Munich. Ordinary People is his full-length debut.


2001 Realitatvirtust (doc., short)

2001 Miloch (short)

2003 Dremano oko (short)

2009 Ordinary People

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