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Ecce Momo!

Anastas Charalampidis
Greece 2008 / 116’

A stream of consciousness, a megalomaniac's story, the confession of an introvert. A discovery of this year's festival in Rotterdam. The two-hour film consists of: a hypnotising voiceover, trivial scenes from pubs and the underground in St. Petersburg and the soundtrack - a bizarre mixture of music styles from orthodox choirs to rock ballads. What is the most intriguing (or maybe irritating?) is the total disproportion between the work's dimensions, originating from spontaneous shooting and subsequent, equally freely improvised commentary. The main issues touched on in Ecce Momo! are: beautiful women, egotist vs. the world, the essence of time, sense of art and life, and hundreds of others. The director is inspired by the traditions of film by Jonas Mekas, Johan van der Keuken and the creator of Tarnation, Jonathan Caouette, references to James Joyce and Henry Miller are clearly visible, too. The spectators' reactions range from admiration to hatred. Some people walk out of the cinema during the screening, others applaud long after the end of the film. A film is a soul's screen - Ecce Momo! makes one think of this saying by Bergman. Film as cognition? Film as a conversation? A universal experience, for sure.

Anastas Charalambidis

Born in 1975 in USSR. He attended film courses at the VGIK, the Film School in Moscow. He directed three short films in Russia and in Greece. He was invited for the Résidence-program of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002. Ecce Momo! is his feature début.


1995 N City Resident (short)

1999 Don't Miss the Killer (short)

2002 Strawberry Fields and Beyond (short)

2008 Ecce Momo!