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Adrian Sitaru
Pescuit sportiv
Romania, France 2008 / 84’

A frustrated teacher and his married lover are going for a countryside picnic. When the driving Lubi hits a prostitute by accident, the two main characters resolve to hide the body. But it turns out that the girl is alive, so they pretend to be very caring and invite her to go fishing (which is what the original title refers to). But who will be a fish and who will be a fisherman?

A low-key, small, original film with an intelligent screenplay and well thought-out characters follows the best traditions of Polański's Knife in the Water or Cul-de-sac. The plot serves here as a pretext to discuss both ethics (guilt, responsibility) and epistemology (relative cognition). Although the film's style is realism (or even: dogmatism), there is one significant exception from this rule: three, constantly changing perspectives showing the subjective points of view of the characters. This solution has been applied by many directors, including Welles, Hitchcock and Montgomery and, more recently, Wenders and Schnabel. The film's social aspect is a shrewd diagnosis of the contemporary spiritual condition of post-communist Romania.

Adrian Sitaru

Born in 1971 in Romania. He studied computer science and film directing. He has directed several short features for television and a number of short films, including the award-winning Waves. He worked on developing his second feature film For Love with Best Intentions this summer through the Cannes Film Festival's Cinéfondation Résidence and CineMart Rotterdam programmes. Hooked is his debut feature film.


2006 Mincinoasa (TV, short)

2006 A doua sana (TV, short)

2006 Razbunarea (TV, short)

2007 Waves (short)

2008 Pescuit sportiv / Hooked

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