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Kristina Buožytė
Lithuania  2008 / 84’

The film is as icy as its main character. Aseptic surroundings in metallic colours are a perfect reflection of Gaile, who is a personification of coldness and apathy. It seems she would love to melt in the air. Her suppressing resignation gets even worse when her father dies. She tries to escape the existential trap by shooting different scenes she acts in herself and then watching them. The camera excludes fear and uncertainty, it allows for safe involvement. The woman gets excited with the staged events, she regains joy and vitality although she manipulates other people - which is ethically ambiguous sometimes. Gaile collects micro-narratives which make up a bizarre collage of genres, mixed experiences, juggling with feelings, but they are also a strange way to liberation. The distance is crossed, the personality reconstructed. The door to the world of the living is finally open. This clench of subjectivity and technique brings the Lithuanian director closer to Atom Egoyan, a shrewd observer of issues of identity in modern media.

Błażej Hrapkowicz

Kristina Buožytė

Born in 1982 in Lithuania, she graduated from the film and TV directing department at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Her education was based on making short films and music videos. She participated in many workshops and seminars, she worked as a screenplay supervisor on several films. She gained experience in Sweden (together with Swedish students she made the independent gay film Red Cottage) and Spain (as an intern at the company Eleven Dreams she worked on the Eurosexuality project - a TV documentary on social, cultural and sexual issues). She was noticed by critics due to her short film Change the Record (2005). The Collectress is her feature-length debut. Currently, Buožytė works as a free-lancer: she directs films, theatre spectacles and she is involved in multimedia.


2004 Red Cottage (short, co-dir.)

2005 Eurosexuality (doc., co-dir.)

2005 Change the Record (short)

2008 Kolekcionierė / The Collectress