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Parque vía

Enrique Rivero
Mexico 2008 / 86’

Parque vía - the full-length debut of Enrique Rivero - proves the artistic maturity of the Mexican creator and it is no coincidence that this film obtained the Golden Leopard in Locarno. All components of this film are admirable as independent parts and as elements of a consistent, integral whole. The 16-mm camera allowed the artist to achieve a very documentary-like effect. This form corresponds to the subject inspired by a true story - the film was based on the biography of Nolberto Coria, who plays the main part as well.

The character guards a luxurious house for sale. Usually, Beto spends his entire days here, his contact with the outside world is virtually limited to television showing sensational news. His social life means only visits of potential customers and of his prostitute friend. When the house is sold, Beto will have to move out.

The intimate film by Rivero is focused on the single character. It would be hard to find another film, concentrated on one person to such an extent, and yet depicting the existence of the entire Indios community in a Mexican class society.

Enrique Rivero

Mexican director Enrique Rivero was born in Madrid in 1976. He has worked in different areas of film production, from photography to art, and was assistant director of Pedro Aguilera's La Influencia. As director, he has made two shorts: Nidra (2004) and Schhht (2005). Parque vía is Rivero's feature directorial debut.


2004 Nidra (short)

2005 Schhht (short)

2008 Parque vía

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