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Uberto Pasolini
Germany, Italy, null 2008 / 110’

We watch a dummy national team of Sri Lanka, patched together from random strangers on their way to an international handball tournament held in Germany. Members of the team work together to avoid legal barriers, with craft and forgery as their weapons. Their target: the West, the mythical land of wealth on which desires of the inhabitants of the poverty-stricken country are focused. But the success does not mean that the beautiful dreams come true. Uberto Pasolini avoids naiveté. These are not The Mighty Ducks by Stephen Herek: the amateurs, desperate as they are, will not achieve sport mastery with their hope and strong will. Even if they obtain a chance for a better life in Europe, they will always be rootless. They will lose their homes and families forever. Pasolini's bitter-sweet film is a leftist and humanitarian commentary on contemporary reality. Poverty is the reverse side of the colourful carnival for tourists Sri Lanka has become. It seems that globalisation reaches the most distant parts of the world, but it only touches the spectacular surface, while cinema can look deeper. As Machan does.

Błażej Hrapkowicz
Uberto Pasolini

Producer, screenwriter, director. He started his film career in 1983, assisting Roland Jofféin The Killing Fields. He worked in marketing and distribution at Twentieth Century Fox and then he joined David Putnam's company Enigma, where he was involved in producing The Mission. In 1991 he established Redwave Films and became a consultant for Columbia Pictures. Three years later he produced Palookaville which was warmly received in Venice, and in 1996 - The Full Monty, nominated for four Oscars and awarded by audiences at many international festivals. Machan marks his debut as a screenwriter and director.


2008 Machan

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