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Rune Denstad Langlo
Norway 2009 / 78’

North is a straight story, maybe even straighter than the one David Lynch once told. Jomar is depressed. He used to be a professional skier, to have a wife and a child, but nothing is left of his previous life now. The main character of Langlo's film doesn't leave his bed, unless this is necessary. He eats there, smokes joints, drinks vodka, and watches TV programmes about dangerous tunnels hewn in the rock. On the 'island' he lives on, he also works occasionally - he sells tickets to the ski tow he's in charge of.

Everything changes when Jomar learns that his son probably lives somewhere in the north. Then comes a fire and the depressed father is ready to start. He goes through the snowy wilderness, first with a scooter, then with a sledge. What happens on his way is like a film directed by the Jarmusch/Kaurismaki team.

In his debut, the Norwegian director blends tragedy, absurd humour and melancholy, striving to keep his face serious all the time. There are more understatements than easily accepted wisdoms here and more open paths than those that lead you to a predefined goal. North is an explicit reference to the very best traditions of road movies.

Jakub Socha

Rune Denstad Langlo

Born in Trondheim in 1972. He has been involved in Motlys Film from the beginning. He started his career as an assistant producer and researcher for historical documentaries, and then he went on to direct films. In 2005 he made Alt for Norge and three years later - 99% Honest (99% arlig) - a documentary about the hip-hop band United Minorities. Both these films were appreciated both by critics and audiences. North is his feature debut.


2005 Alt for Norge/ Too Much Norway (TV miniseries)

2008 99% ærlig / 99% Honest (doc.)

2009 Nord / North

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