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Yang Ik-June
South Korea 2008 / 130’

Song-hoon knows the language of debt collection very well. It consists of vocabulary of swearwords, punctuation of violence, returned blows as commas, kicks to end a sentence, exclamation marks that make people collapse. This is how he communicates with the world. With elderly people, with his peers, with youth at demonstration. Will a young, brazen girl become a catalyst of his emotional re-education? A realistically depicted, partially autobiographic story impresses especially as a vivisection of a personality shaped by hereditary determinism. The paranoid reality of toxic, hatred-ridden relationships is just a distillate of the character's tragic past. The debutant Yang Ik-June does not shun the obvious truth that violence is a force of destruction, a virus which infects all families, controls hearts and fists. At the same time, he shows violence as a code, as a language of society, easy to learn, reiterated all the time, conveying definite messages. Nobody would like to hear them.

Michał Walkiewicz

Yang Ik-June

Director and actor. Born in 1975 in South Korea. He graduated from the Department of Entertainment & Acting at the Kongju Communication Arts College. As an actor, he has appeared in various films such as Maundy Thursday (2006), Les formidables (2006), and No Manners (2002). He began his directing career with his short film Always Behind You, which won Seoul Indepentent Film Festival audience award. Breathless is his feature length debut.


2005 Always Behind You (short)

2008 Ddongpari / Breathless

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