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Tatia Rosenthal
Australia, Israel 2008 / 90’

Third time lucky! Director Tatia Rosenthal and writer Etgar Keret had collaborated twice earlier before their feature-length film brought their artistic relationship to perfect fruition. $9.99 is a colourful mosaic of human fate where realism coexists with surrealism and allegory does not undermine reliability. Tatia Rosenthal invites us to a world full of swearing angels, frustrated clerks, centimetres-high drop-outs, vamp-like models, kids who are not ready to grow up and grown-ups who are not ready for kids. The title amount is the price of a manual explaining the sense of life to everybody. But can it change anything? Will the characters cease to miss their happiness? Rosenthal found a perfect form for the polyphonic prose of Keret where atmosphere is often changed. Post-frame animation allowed her to extract the absurdity of the dramatic situation and to fill the comic scenes with peculiar sadness. Paradoxically, the simplified mimics of the characters enhanced the authenticity of the film.When faced with a situation we cannot cope with, we all appear uncertain.

Michał Walkiewicz

Tatia Rosenthal

Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel in 1971. She studied photography in Paris and attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Her award-winning debut - the short film Crazy Glue - was based on a story by Etger Keret. She also worked with this writer on A Buck's Worth and $9.99. The latter film was her full-length debut. Currently, she works as a freelancer in New York and one of the projects she is involved in is Nickelodeon's Blue Clues programme.


1998 Crazy Glue (short)

2005 A Buck's Worth (short)

2008 $9.99

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