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Bird With the Glass Feathers

Dario Argento
L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo
Italy 1970 / 98’

The directorial debut of the specialist of the Italian giallo horror cinema, Dario Argento, where we can already find the most important features of the extraordinary poetics of the Italian master of film macabre: suspense of plot, shocking scenes of killings and elements of psychoanalysis, explaining the motives of the main characters.

The film's hero is a young American author, who comes to Rome for a holiday. One night he incidentally witnesses an attempted murder of a beautiful young woman in a gallery of modern art. The murderer escapes, leaving the woman in a pool of blood.The American begins a private investigation to find the would-be killer, who has been discovered to have committed several more macabre murders. The case is even more dangerous for the hero, as it is him whom the police suspect of the killings. Quite unexpectedly, the author will find clues to solve the mystery in a picture of attempted murdered, painted by an eccentric artists and... his knowledge of ornithology.

Piotr Kletowski


This film remains my most important work. I wanted the viewer not only to identify with the good characters, but also to experience a terrifying feeling of complicity in the crime.

Dario Argento

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