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Back to Normandy

Nicolas Philibert
Retour en Normandie
France 2006 / 113’

This film's origins lie in another. The one that the director René Allio shot in Normandy in 1975 based on a local crime: I, Pierre Rivière, Having Slaughtered My Mother, My Sister and My Brother. Nicolas Philibert: I was 24 at the time. René Allio had offered me a position as first assistant director. Shot a few miles from the scene of the triple murder 140 years earlier, this film owed most of its uniqueness to the fact that nearly every part was given to local country people. Today, I have decided to return to Normandy to seek out the transient actors of the film.

Cannes IFF 2007


Documentarist Nicolas Philibert revisits folk who acted in a film he worked on three decades ago, and produces a rich, moving meditation on memory, murder, madness and the movies.

London IFF 2007

Nicolas Philibert, born in 1951, is now one of the most distinguished French documentary makers. Philibert's first feature-length documentary was Louvre City. In 1992 Philibert made the award-winning In the Land of the Deaf and four years later - Every Little Thing. He won international repute with his film To Be and to Have (2002), which was also screened in Poland.


1978 La voix de son maître (dok./doc., współreż / co-dir.)

1990 La ville Louvre / Louvre City (dok./doc.)

1992 Le pays des sourds / In the Land of the Deaf (dok./doc.)

1994 Un animal, des animaux / Animals and more Animals (dok./doc.)

1996 La moindre des choses / Every Little Thing (dok./doc.)

1998 Qui sait (dok./doc.)

2002 Być i mieć / Etre et avoir / To Be and to Have (dok./doc.)

2006 Powrót do Normandii / Retour en Normandie / Back to Normandy (dok./doc.)

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