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Best of Bejart

Gilles Amado
France 2006 / 90’

The show sums up the major works of Maurice Béjart all along his career and gathers around the theme of love, with music from Brel, Barbara, U2, Queen, Berlioz, Stravinsky and costumes by Versace.

based on the production notes


He's been called everything from an unrivaled choreographic genius to an egotistical slave-driver. He's been the mentor and creative inspiration of some, and a dream-breaker for others. Whatever impressions he has left on his students and dancers or the millions of spectators who have seen his work, it can't be denied that 78-year-old Marseille-born Maurice Béjart has certainly become a legend in his own time and a reference that aspiring dancers still look up to as they did to Rudolf Nureyev in the '70s, or Vaslav Nijinsky 100 years ago.

Karol Pratl, Paris Voice

Gilles Amado is one of the most important television directors in France. He created many programs and TV series. From 1995 he is responsible for the realization of 14 July Champs Elysees parades.

Selected filmography:

1989 Les pique-assiettes (serial TV / TV series)

1999 Notre-Dame de Paris (TV)

2006 Best of Bejart

2007 Soaperette (serial TV / TV series)

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