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Bassiona Amorosa

Paweł Siczek
Germany 2008 / 98’

Six contrabasses - it's an exceptional view, how the young men from Bassiona Amorosa and their enormous instruments are growing out of their depth. They came as virtuosi of their profession from the dispersed world of Eastern Europe to Germany. It is here where they found their musical homeland and themselves in an extraordinary ensemble. The men raise the instrument from the dark corner of the orchestra pit onto the stage, where the contrabass comes to stand in front, autonomous.

But Bassiona is more than just a story about music and individual talents. Bassiona is a part of modern Europe. The life of the young men tells about home and migration, poverty and pop-culture, dreams and devotion. Bassiona is like a road movie, showing six young men in search of their origins, while they travel to rehearsals and concerts throughout Europe, USA and Switzerland.

based on the materials sent by the producer


Paweł Siczek - born in Warsaw 1977. Grown up in Libya and Switzerland. Lives now Munich. Studies of documentary film at University of Television and Film Munich.


2001 Country (kr.m. dok. / short dok.)

2004 Anderer Herbst (kr.m. dok. / short dok.)

2005 Sigrid und Franz (dok. / doc.)

2006 Dorftrottel

2008 Bassiona Amorosa (dok. / doc.)

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