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Robert Gliński
Poland, Austria 2007 / 95’

Listless pit miner, a bungler, the Polish Forrest Gump leaves his mine and has no idea where to go. In his mind his world has collapsed. Timid and shameful he learns to live on the surface - looks for work, fights back fear, learns to speak in full sentences, learns how to mingle with people, women. He needs to put order in his life: find work and start a family - in accordance with Silesian tradition. He abides by this tradition, which helps him find the initiative, overcome inertia and take care not only of himself but also of others who have found themselves discarded by the mine.

based on the production notes

Robert Gliński was born in 1952 in Warsaw. Director and screenwriter majored in directing at the Lodz Film School and in architecture in Warsaw. His movie Hi, Tereska, (2000) was very successful and won many international and domestic festivals.

Selected filmography:

1983 Niedzielne igraszki

1985 Rośliny trujące

1988 Łabędzi śpiew

1990 Superwizja

1992 Wszystko, co najważniejsze

1996 Matka swojej matki

1997 Kochaj i rób co chcesz

2000 Cześć Tereska / Hi, Tereska

2000 Izabela

2008 homo.pl (dok. / doc)

2008 Benek

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