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Black Sheep

Jonathan King
New Zeland 2007 / 96’

Dotting the scenic pastures green of New Zealand's farmlands is an overwhelming population of forty million sheep. Black Sheep brings to life New Zealanders' worst nightmare - the possibility of these herds running amok.

Henry Oldfield, the ovinophobic (!) younger sibling of a farming family returns home to sell out to his older brother Angus, who's secretly running a reckless genetic engineering operation on the farm. Attempting to expose Angus's perverted practice of animal husbandry, two bumbling environmental activists accidentally release a mutant lamb into the populace, infecting the herd and turning the into mutton on a mission -crazed and out of human blood. Together with farmhand Tucker and pretty peacenik activist Experience, Henry finds himself trapped in a phobic frenzy that until now only existed on his therapist's couch.

Colin Geddes, Toronto IFF 2006


Influenced by comic horror picsfrom Evil Dead to homegrown fare including Peter Jackson's early work, Black Sheep wisely doesn't try to dress up mutton as anything other than mutton. A scene of Henry and cohorts carefully walking away from the farmhouse is obviously inspired by The Birds but King doesn't push the parallels and is content to keep tongue firmly in cheek, as Dr. Rush's Dr. Moreau-like experiments turn cuddly creatures into killer zombies.

Jay Weissberg, Variety

Jonathan King was born in Hamilton, New Zeland. He has directed commercials, over one hundred music videos, and the short films Still (2002) and Chogar (2003). Black Sheep is his first feature film.


2002 Still (kr.m. / short)

2003 Chogar (kr.m. / short)

2006 Black Sheep

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