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19th New Horizons IFF: Volunteering

Industry accreditations for the 19th New Horizons IFF now available online The premiere of "Bird Talk" by Xawery Żuławski

How can you become a volunteer for the 19th New Horizons International Film Festival?

You just need to complete and submit an application, which you can find on our website. The application will be available throughout the volunteer recruitment period, May 13 - June 2 2019. In order to complete an application, you must first log in at www.nowehoryzonty.pl.

Submit an application to become a volunteer

The Festival organizers will be responsible for the selection process and for signing contracts with successful applicants. The results of the recruitment process will be sent out by post beginning on June 17 at noon. The completion and submission of an application is not tantamount to being accepted as a volunteer.

What should you keep in mind when filling out your application?

Your volunteer ID will include your name and surname, as well as your photo. You are required to a attach a recent portrait photo (in which your face is clearly visible) in electronic format. The size of the file should be between 1 MB and 2 MBs. Applications that do not include a photo will not be considered.

Can minors be volunteers?

Minors who are at least 16 years of age may volunteer; however, they must submit written permission from the their parents or legal guardians no later than the opening day of the Festival. If such written permission is not received, then the minor in question will be removed from the list of volunteers. Download the relevant additional document below.

Download an application

What sort of work do volunteers carry out?

Volunteers at the New Horizons Festival help with preparations and implementation of all Festival events so that participants and guests can enjoy the Festival and its unique atmosphere.

We require volunteers to help with screenings at cinemas, with the Festival’s artistic events, audience assistance, helping Festival participants and guests, working at the press office, and distributing printed materials. Volunteers will work according to a schedule, in a shift-based system, and under supervision. Detailed working conditions will be set out in an agreement concluded between each volunteer and the New Horizons Association, and additional conditions will be established at an orientation meeting to take place before volunteers begin their work in Wrocław.

When will volunteers be needed?

The starting time for each volunteer will depend on what department they have been assigned to. Planned time periods are as follows:

  • participant services and information desks: 22.07 – 4.08 
  • press office: 22.07 – 4.08
  • guest services: 22.07 – 4.08
  • film store: 25.07 – 4.08
  • cinemas: 25.07 – 4.08
  • assisting with the Festival’s artistic activities: 23.07 – 5.08
  • open-air cinema: 24.07 – 4.08
  • bicycle rental: 24.07 – 4.08
  • distribution of printed materials: 19.07 – 4.08

When completing your application, please tell us when you will be available and which department you would like to work in. In the event your application is successful, you will be informed of the time of your orientation meeting and the period in which you will be expected to work, as well as the scope of your duties.

What do I get out of volunteering?

The best and most important reward that comes from donating your time as a New Horizons Festival volunteer is your active contribution to creating the festival itself. The festival offers volunteers opportunities to meet many interesting filmmakers, watch screenings, listen to panel discussions and enjoy many other accompanying events. Being a volunteer provides free access to film screenings, some concerts at the Arsenal festival club and other events.

Do the organizers cover insurance, transportation, accommodations, and food for volunteers?

Unfortunately, volunteers are responsible for their own transportation, accommodations, and food. The organizers will provide civil-liability and personal-accident insurance.

How can I get confirmation of the volunteer service performed?

Every volunteer of the New Horizons Film Festival will receive a dual language (Polish and English) confirmation of volunteer services performed. If you make an additional request, you may also receive a written official opinion that will include an evaluation of your volunteer work from the organizers. You can request the official opinion when filling out your volunteer application form. The document will be posted to you within three months of festival completion, at the latest.


If you have any questions about volunteer work, please contact us at: wolontariat@snh.org.pl

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