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18th New Horizons IFF: Shortlist

Films by Farhadi, Spike Lee, Garrone, Lee Chang-dong Cinematic High: MOICO Midnight Madness at the 18th New Horizons IFF

Shortlist, i.e., a short list of short Polish films, presents films that are certain to make an impression.

We select filmmakers whose work is marked by a bold voice and distinctive narrative forms and who have been gradually shaping their own personal style. This year, we chose 16 short features, documentaries and animated films mainly produced at film schools and the Munk Studio, as well as several independent productions. They include the following animated films, which were shown at Cannes: III by Marta Pajek, the story of a stormy meeting between two people in a waiting room, and The Other by Marta Magnuska, about how our conceptions of strangers are created in our imagination. We will also see Deer Boy, Katarzyna Gondek's surreal story about the power of instinct, which appeared at Sundance; the bittersweet story of youthful defeats and victories captured in Jakub Radej's Sweet Home Czyżewo; Katarzyna Ewa Żak's girlish Marysia's World; andPiotr Sułkowski's completely crazy and thrilling Play, where the world of film fiction and the real world remain in constantly dangerous but thrilling contact. Three sets of diverse films await. Following the screenings, we will have an opportunity for lengthy discussions with the filmmakers. See you soon!

Magdalena Sztorc

The program includes:

Set 1

III, dir. Marta Pajek

Play, dir. Piotr Sułkowski

Wycinka, dir. Zuzanna Grajcewicz

Bogeyman (Straszydło), dir. Bianca Lucas

Users, dir. Jakub Piątek

Set 2

Deer Boy, dir. Katarzyna Gondek

Gość/Guest, dir. Sebastian Weber

Norma, dir. Agata Mianowska

Jak zostać papieżem/How to Become the Pope, dir. Justyna Mytnik

Sweet Home Czyżewo, dir. Jakub Radej

Set 3

Heimat, dir. Emi Buchwald

Świat Marysi/Marysia's World, dir. Katarzyna Ewa Żak

Inny/The Other, dir. Marta Magnuska

U mnie wszystko dobrze/All's Well, dir. Sylwia Rosak

Nadchodzi zimni ogrodnicy/Cold Pudding Settles Love, dir. Urszula Palusińska

Gra w cykora/Game of Chicken, dir. Karina Hajdamowicz

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